What is stabilized ?

100% ecological process, consisting in replacing the sap of the plants with a natural substrate, which makes it possible to preserve their original aspect and their flexibility for years.
This formula was born in the 90’s and today has become a good compromise for all nature lovers who don’t necessarily have the green hand.


We propose a complete study
of your project according
to your needs and
your interior environment.
We work closely with our customers to meet their expectations.


Our products are made from plants originating from a totally natural environment and are assembled
by hand, in France, to certify the high quality of our products.

stabilized delivery


Vert Jardin Stabilisé proposes to vegetate all your interiors on different types of support, based on multi-plant or mono-vegetable composition. Customized study or standard design, price per ft².


Thanks to our team, we realize for you customized furniture of standard size or non-standard, and we offer a whole range of products: furniture, topiary, bouquet, lamp, jewelry, ramequins, professional signs and signage…

stabilized creations

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Vert Jardin Stabilisé is above all a company specialized in the creation and maintenance of green spaces. Empowered to develop and plant any type of space to create elegant gardens, highlighted by essences and selected materials.
We are equipped with tools, equipment and gear enabling us to satisfy the demands of our customers efficiently, quickly and in accordance with the rules of the art.
Our services are personalized and adapted to the needs of all: individuals, companies, condominiums, local authorities, town halls, architectural firms, promoters …
We are at your disposal to carry out the project that corresponds to your expectations and your budget.

Landscaping benefits


We propose you a complete study and plan of development of your field but also the creation of a
3D plan with presentation. Our services include earthmoving, sodding, automatic watering, planting
and small masonry.


Ornamental pruning is an art that we master, which is why we specialize in the hedge trimming (form and folding), shrubs (ball, cone, square etc.), trees (ornamental or fruit), But also in the complete maintenance of your lawns (mowing and scarification), as well as a total follow-up of your garden: automatic irrigation, phytosanitary treatment, fertilizer application etc.


Requiring regular maintenance and follow-up, the green wall can correspond to our most audacious customers who would like to vegetate their interior and exterior spaces in order to give them dimension.

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Born in Marseille on May 6, 1986, of Malagasy Vietnamese and Martinican origin, my family ties led me to the island of Corsica, where my stepfather is from. It is he, a landscaper by trade, who transmitted to me all his passion for plants.

After obtaining my diploma from the Valabre school in 2008 and acquiring various knowledge in the area of landscaping design. I decided to create Vert Jardin in 2009, specializing in landscaping, which would become Vert Jardin Stabilisé, designer of vegetalwalls for the past 10 years.